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Toolfetch Privacy

This statement discloses the privacy practices for both our web site and e-mail system. We have designed Toolfetch so that no personal identifying information is displayed online or is accessible to the general public. We do not reveal your e-mail address and do not ask for your personal information. We do not sell or rent our customer information to any outside party under any circumstances.

If you provide Toolfetch with your e-mail address and you would like to receive information and updates about Toolfetch's increased inventory or specials, we will keep you informed. Otherwise, Toolfetch will not send you further updates.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. When such a change is made, we will post the revised Privacy policy on our website so please bookmark this page and check back periodically. Any changes, corrections or updates to your transactional information can be edited during the purchase process. Questions regarding the Toolfetch.com Privacy Policy should be directed to contact@toolfetch.com.

Toolfetch Security

This website uses 'SSL' to keep your information secure. SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer." SSL is a secure protocol developed for sending information securely over the Internet. All areas of our site, including Shopping, Checkout and User Account areas use this technology. SSL encrypts the data being transmitted so that a third party cannot "eavesdrop" on the transmission and view the data being transmitted. Only the user's computer and the secure server are able to recognize the data. Our website uses a SSL certificate to verify our authenticity. This certificate allows your web browser to display the padlock symbol next to our website Domain address

Toolfetch Cookies

Toolfetch uses third-party persistent cookies to serve you personalized advertising. If you would like to opt-out of receiving this personalized advertising, you can click the following link and those ads will no longer be served to you. Click Here to Opt-Out.