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HIT Tools

HIT Tools
HIT Tools manufacturer has been making Hand Tools in Japan since a half century ago. At the beginning, HIT only manufactured Adjustable Wrenches and Bolt Cutters. Today HIT diversifies itself worldwide and becomes one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional-quality Bolt Cutters, Rebar Cutters , Threaded Rod Cutters and many other Hand Tools for the metal fab and construction industries. It's not just a Cutter, it's HIT. Because HIT cuts faster and more durable. If HIT tools is known for something, it is "quality". The HIT name on the products represents the manufacturer's promise that every tool is made to the highest possible standards, and exceeds Federal Specifications. The Red Blade Bolt Cutter can cut the material hardness up to HRC-48. Toolfetch has been carrying the full line of Hit Tools for over 10 years, they are high quality products that rival other more expensive brands. Our customers appreciate an affordable product that is professional grade, Hit delivers this throughout their entire line.
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  • Quick View Hit Tools 29-RT40-S Tie Wire Annealed Iron (zinc plated) Qty: 40 In Order (for 29-RT40)
  • Quick View Hit 29-pmc25 1" Electric Rebar Cutter
  • Quick View HIT 29-PCL16E Cordless Rebar Cutter Max Cutter #5 (5/8")
  • Quick View Hit Tools 22-BWC38 Bench Wire Rope Cutter (3/8" Capacity)
  • Quick View Hit Tools 22-BWC12 Bench Wire Rope Cutter (1/2" Capacity)
  • Quick View Hit Tools 22-HCC30 Hydraulic Wire Rope/Cable Cutter (1-1/8 Capacity)
  • Quick View HIT Tools 22-RC16W-3 1/2" & 5/8" REBAR CUTTER & BENDER with WOOD BOARD
  • Quick View Hit Tools 16-HW1800 HAND WINCH - With Automatic Brake capacity 1800 Lbs
  • Quick View Hit Tools 22-HCC30-0315 Hydraulic Wire Rope Replacement Blade for 22-HCC30
  • Quick View Hit Tools 22-BST24 22" Bench Swager Handles Oval Sleeves 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" With Cutter
  • Quick View HIT Tools 22-RC16B-3 5/8" REBAR CUTTER & BENDER (MOST POPULAR)
  • Quick View HIT Tools 22-RC13B 1/2" REBAR CUTTER & BENDER
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