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Sumner Tools are one of the premier brands carried by ToolFetch. Sumner Manufacturing Company Inc. is a Houston Texas based company created in the 1960’s by Joe Sumner. Joe Sumner was the worldwide general foreman for Wallace Co, a large American mechanical contractor. Sumner realized that there was a void in the market for quality welding tools and lifting equipment to aid in the job of installing pipe in an easier and safer way.

Today Sumner tools are used in over 40 countries, with branches also available in the UK and Canada. Recognized as a leader in pipe handling equipment, Sumner Tools provide an extensive line of aka roust-a-bout, material lifts, pallet lifters, pipe carts, quick clamps, stage lifts and max jacks. Sumner ensures that all of their products are safe to use and priced affordably.

Sunmner carries some exceptional equipment such as the Roust-A-Bout. The Roust-A-Bout lifts up to 1,500 pounds and comes in heights of 15’, 18’ and 25’. It moves vertically and horizontally, ideal for a job site or shop. Sumner also carries Max Jacks. Max jacks handle up to 2500 lbs with several optional large vee head styles. The jack has optional casters that enabled pipe to be easily wheeled around the shop, a quick and easy safe clamp for holding pipe in Vee head jack stands and is perfect for securing short lengths and pipe layout work. Sumner also carries Pipe Mac’s, also known as mobile pipe carts. These pipe carts can transport up to 2000 pounds of pipe, have center-position castors for easy rolling, and the pipe cart itself stacks when not in use for compact storage.

This brand’s decades of experience make their tools some of the best on the market. Their extensive line of products will satisfy all your manufacturing needs at a reasonable price. As a customer you can count on satisfaction.

Sumner Manufacturing

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  • Quick View Sumner 785000 Hold-E Pipe Clamp (3/4" - 6")
  • Quick View Sumner 2416 16 Foot Contractor Lift (450 LB Cap)
  • Quick View Sumner 780315 Fit Kit 2 - 12" Complete

    Sale $2,477.00

  • Quick View Sumner 781240 Flange Leveler
  • Quick View Sumner 781235 Qwik Pins
  • Quick View Sumner 780429 ST-206 Stainless Steel Flange Pins
  • Quick View Sumner 780650 Flange Pins
  • Quick View Sumner GH2T-15 (15 ft Beam) 2 Ton Aluminum Gantry (Max Working Span 142")
  • Quick View Sumner GH2T-12 (12 ft Beam) 2 Ton Aluminum Gantry (Max Working Span 106")
  • Quick View Sumner GH2T-10 (10 ft Beam) 2 Ton Aluminum Gantry (Max Working Span 82")
  • Quick View Sumner GH2T-8 (8 ft Beam) 2 Ton Aluminum Gantry (Max Working Span 58")
  • Quick View Sumner 781510 1 - 2-1/2" Ultra Qwik Clamp (25-65 mm)
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