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Metabo Power Tools

Durable Metabo Power

Tools Metabo is a trusted, well-established brand that offers a variety of dependable, professional power tools. The company was named after its first product, a powerful metal drill. Metabo power tools are designed with innovation and durability. Professionals use these tools for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial purposes at construction sites around the world, including some of the most extreme conditions. The Metabo product line includes professional power tools such as angle grinders, cordless drills (which may be used as power screwdrivers), disc sanders and various types of saws. Metabo primarily sells cordless tools that use 18-volt batteries, but does manufacture some corded units. The company also offers heavy-duty flashlights and safety glasses as well.

Professional Power Tools Manufactured With German Precision

Like many German manufacturers, Metabo prioritizes safety, durability and innovation. Metabo maximizes quality in their professional power tools, as their products and tools seldom need to be repaired. Metabo power tools are extremely reliable, which can prevent injuries, limit work interruptions and reduce maintenance costs. Metabo was founded over 80 years ago and is based in the German city of Nurtingen. Their long-standing commitment to quality enabled it to overcome many difficulties and achieve international success during the 20th century. The Metabo slogan reflects the professional nature of this brand's products: "Work. Don't play."

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