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Jancy Engineering is a U.S. based manufacturer of heavy duty cutting, drilling and grinding equipment. They primarily serve steel fabricators and erectors, machinists, maintenance personnel and truck and ship builders. They also provide cutting equipment to the HVAC and petroleum industries.

The premier products from Jancy are their annular cutters and magnetic drilling equipment. The product line also includes a wide array of weld preparation tools, like notchers, bevellers and positioners. Rounding out their product line are grinding equipment, center-less grinding tools, pipe and tube bending tools and Porta-Vise clamps. If it has to do with metal fabrication, Jancy probably has it. Founded in 1957, Jancy Engineering’s only product was a sheet metal cutter called the Roto-Bor. Twenty years later, Jancy began manufacturing portable magnetic drilling equipment and expanded their line to include equipment for cutting holes in much thicker materials. In the late 1980’s, Jancy developed the Slugger Cutter. This is a center-less tool for cutting holes in metal up to several inches thick. The Slugger line of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters provide a quality result in less time. The reamed quality hole can be cut much faster than with an ordinary twist drill bit. The magnetic drills also offer better positioning and accuracy. While these are high quality tools, they are still competitively priced. With a large and diverse line of high quality products, there is a Jancy tool to fit virtually any budget.

Jancy Engineering

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  • Quick View Jancy SL125 1-1/4 in. Diameter x 2 inch Depth of Cut Annular Cutter, TINI coating
  • Quick View Jancy Slugger JHM Holemaker II Portable Magnetic Mag Drill (Cap: 1-3/8 in x 2 in)
  • Quick View Jancy S1125 1-1/8 in. Diameter x 1 inch Depth of Cut Annular Cutter

    Sale $44.15

  • Quick View Jancy S8750 7/8 in. Diameter x 1 inch Depth of Cut Annular Cutter

    Sale $32.67

  • Quick View Jancy SL156 1-9/16 in. Diameter x 2 inch Depth of Cut Annular Cutter
  • Quick View Jancy 10205 Tapmatic® Edge creme 11 OZ
  • Quick View Jancy U19014 1/2 inch Chuck Adapter for Jancy Holemaker II

    Sale $75.60

  • Quick View Jancy 16003 Pilot Pin 1 inch depth of cut, 9/16 inch diameter and larger
  • Quick View Jancy 10208W Tru-Blue Cutting Fluid (gallon)
  • Quick View Jancy MCBL07 Metal Cut Saw Blade for MCSL07 Saw 36 Teeth
  • Quick View Jancy 17985 Portable Magnetic Drill 4x4 (4 in x 3 in depth)

    Sale $2,299.00

  • Quick View Jancy 3065 1/2 inch 3/4 chuck and adapter for 4 x 4 and MT3S
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