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Benner Nawman

Founded by Gus Benner and Rollie Nawman in 1925, Benner Nawman Inc. has a long history of excellence in design and fabrication. They proved themselves as a major player in the design and construction of telephone booths for 50 year across America and throughout the world. Since then, Benner Nawman has used the resources and skills built over nearly a century of fabrication and engineering to produce high quality construction tools.

Their products are designed for professional contractors, and can hold up to even the toughest of tasks and daily use. Benner Nawman provides a wide selection of rebar cutters, rebar benders, rebar tying tools and epoxy mixers. Toolfetch also carries Benner Nawman’s rebar cutter tune of kit which includes cap bolts and lock washers for fastening cutting blocks, hydraulic oil, carbon brushes and more. Benner Nawman also makes machines that are a combination of both rebar cutters and benders. These machines are available in both stationary and portable. Toolfetch also carries rebar tying accessories which are interchangeable jaws that allow the operators to tie up to a maximum #10 x #10 rebar together.

Committed to the satisfaction of customers and the pristine quality of their tools and accessories, Benner Nawman offers an excellent warrantee covering defects in materials as well as manufacture for one year from purchase date. Defective products will be repaired or replaced at absolutely no charge. They will even pay freight. Benner Nawman is a trusted name in tools throughout North America and beyond.

Benner Nawman

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  • Quick View SP-7231A-F Benner Nawman Sp-72131a-f Pad - Firm
  • Quick View Benner Nawman TU16LZK Tune-up kit for DC-16LZ electric rebar cutter
  • Quick View Benner Nawman TU16LY-K Tune-up kit for DCC-16LY cordless rebar cutter
  • Quick View Benner Nawman tu32whk Rebar Cutter Tune Up Kit For DC-32WH
  • Quick View Benner Nawman rb-32wh Set of Two Replacement Cutting Blocks for DC-32WH (No Cap Bolts)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman DBD-25H heavy-duty portable bender (max bend #8 (1") (25mm) Grade 60)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman DBC-16H Handheld Combination Rebar Cutter/Bender (Cap Grade 60 Up to #5)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman DBC-3225 Combination Rebar Bender / Cutter (Cap Bending: #9 or 1-1/8” Grade 60, Cap Cutting: #8 or 1 ” Grade 60)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman DBC-2520 Combination Rebar Bender / Cutter (Cap Bending: #7 or 7/8” Grade 60, Cap Cutting: #6 or 3/4” Grade 60)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman DBC-2525 Combination Rebar Bender / Cutter (Cap Bending: #7 or 7/8” Grade 60, Cap Cutting: #8 or 1” Grade 60)
  • Quick View Benner Nawman rb16lz Replacement Blade for DC-16LZ
  • Quick View Benner Nawman TU16K Tune-up kit for DC-16W electric rebar cutter
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