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Toolfetch has the shop lighting to help you see clearly during automotive and industrial jobs.Toolfetch has products for all of your lighting needs. Toolfetch carries predator drop lights, angle light, automotive LED under hood lights, LED reel lights, and halogen portable lighting, The state of the art lighting solutions we have to offer are both effective and affordable, with top quality brands like National Electric, Bayco, and Cliplight. We have incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and the very latest in LED technology for you to choose from.There's no need to look any further, the best lighting is right here
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  • Quick View Central Tools 122cp Super Bounce Ligth 50'ft.
  • Quick View Central Tools 12007 Bounce Light With 50' Cord
  • Quick View Central Tools 12006 Bounce Light 25" Cord
  • Quick View Bayco Sl-826 13 Watt Fluorescent Work Light 50'ft.retactable Reel
  • Quick View Bayco Sl550 50ft Stubby Fluorescent Work Light
  • Quick View Bayco SL-2125 60 Led 25' Corded Drop Light
  • Quick View Steelman 96877 7" Smd Led Bump Light

    Out of stock

  • Quick View Steelman 96879 24" Smd Led Light
  • Quick View Lincoln Industrial 91028 50' Ft 60 Led Worklight Reel

    Out of stock

  • Quick View Steelman 78738 7" Bump-lite On 30ft Cord Reel

    Out of stock

  • Quick View S.U.R. & R TFS203 Temporary Fuel Supply/ Fuelinjection Cleaner
  • Quick View Bayco NSR-2168B Led Rechargeable Work Lightblack
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