Lincoln Electric K598-11 Magnum 550 Gun 15 ft 5/64-3/32 (600A)

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  • Process: Flux Cored Gas Shielded (FCAW-GS)|MIG (GMAW)
  • Rated Amperage: 550
  • Width Inches: 19.5
  • Depth Inches: 18.5
  • Width Millimeters: 495.3
  • MIG and Flux-Cored Gas Shielded Gun and Cable AssemblyChoose our Magnum 550 gun equipped with 500 or 600 amp consumables for high amperage, large wire diameter welding, including up to .052 and .062 MIG or 3/32 - 1/8 Outershield or UltraCore (gas-shielded flux-cored) applications. 
  • Comfortable Handle Design
  • The Magnum patent pending handle grip design provides balance, reduces operator fatigue and offers a sure, confident grip.
  • Natural Grip Trigger position feels right from the first minute of the day to the end of the shift.
  • One Piece Replaceable Trigger Assembly
  • Easy to replace as a unit simply plug in a new assembly.
  • Can also be opened and serviced.
  • High quality silver contacts for long life and clean electrical signals.
  • Full travel mechanical trigger mechanism (NOT a micro-switch) can be easily felt through a welding glove.
  • Rugged Strain Relief System
  • Enhances feedability by reducing acute gun cable angles.
  • Protects your cable liner.
  • Rotatable Gooseneck (Gun Tube) Just loosen a single Allen screw to unlock and rotate the gooseneck into a position that is most comfortable for your current job.
  • Especially useful to complete high quality welds even in tight spaces or awkward joint locations.
  • Gun Consumables A Critical Link that Can Make the Difference
  • Industry standard part numbers are easy to order
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances deliver consistent arc performance
  • Improved electrical conductivity and wire feedability
  • Tested durability delivers long life
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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