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Rebar Tiers

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Rebar tiers are becoming increasingly popular in reinforced concrete construction as a tool for binding reinforcing steel rods.The conventional method of binding requires a steel fixer to manually bind steel rods using wire and pliers. This approach is slow and prone to back and wrist strain. The rebar tier increases productivity and reduces injury risk as the user does not have to bend over repeatedly.The quality of knots remains consistent, and the tier can be used both horizontally and vertically. Toolfetch has several products suitable for varying levels of use and wire size.
  • Quick View Hit Tools 29-RT40-1 Cordless Rebar Tier (Ties: Rebar size #3,#4,#5,#6)
  • Quick View Max Rebar RB397 Cordless Rebar Tier, Ties up to #5 x #6
  • Quick View Max Rebar RB217 Cordless Rebar Tier For Wire Mesh, Ties up to 16mm x 19mm
  • Quick View Max USA RB655A Cordless Rebar Tier , Ties up to #9 x #8 rebars
  • Quick View Hit Tools 29-RT-1 12 Volt Cordless Rebar Tier
  • Quick View Benner Nawman BNT-64 Rebar Tier
  • Quick View Benner Nawman # 64 Wire Guide Accessory For Tying 10 x 10 Wire
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