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Demolition Tools

Shop for demolition tools and other power tools online at Toolfetch

When you have to take something apart or down you need tough demolition tools that won't fail on the job. Toolfetch stocks tools built especially for demolition and knocking things down. We stock demolition hammers from Milwaukee, Hitachi, and Bosch. We have ground busting jackhammers and paving busters that will rip apart the hardest ground from Ingersoll-Rand. Look at the huge selection of pry bars and sledge hammers that we carry; you'll find that tool you need to round out your demolition tool box.
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  • Quick View Bosch HS1515 12" Bull Point Hex Shank
  • Quick View Bosch HC4023 5/8"x22"x27" Spline Shank Drill Bit Carbide Tip
  • Quick View Bosch HC4021 5/8"x11"16" Spline Shankdrill Bit Carbide Tip
  • Quick View Bosch HC4020 5/8"x5"x10" Spline Shankdrill Bit Carbide Tip
  • Quick View Bosch HC2287 1-1/8"x16"x18" Wild Borehead Sds Shank Bit
  • Quick View Bosch HC2283 1-1/8"x8"x10" Sds Shankbit Wild Bore Head
  • Quick View Bosch 1191VSRK 1/2" Hammer Drill
  • Quick View Bosch 11335K 1 1/8 Breaker Hammer Kit(the Jack)
  • Quick View Bosch 11321EVS Sds Max Demolition Hammer
  • Quick View Bosch 11318EVS Electronic Vs Demo Hammer-sds-max
  • Quick View Bosch 11316EVS Electronic Demolitionhammer
  • Quick View Bosch HC4031 3/4"x11"x16" Spline Shank Drill Bit Carbide Tip
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